There was so much sweat. SO MUCH SWEAT.
There was so much sweat. SO MUCH SWEAT.
I have embarked on a more-intense-than-usual training regime since I need to look good for an upcoming Valencia vacation. The picture above was taken after doing this workout. I’m smiling but I’m actually IN SO MUCH PAIN. Honestly though, it was a good challenge and you should try it if you’re bored with your current running routine.

Recently I’ve been feeling like some of the world’s problems could be solved if we kept an open mind AND ate some food together.

For some reason I can’t stop reading articles about the Orlando Bloom-Justin Bieber (almost) fight and then cracking up 😛

Need to try this whole summer-time pin up look soon – would it work on a brown girl like me???

Finally – a simple article about what gluten is.