Read. Do. Make. Eat. 25.9.2015

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The new Mindy Kaling book, Why Not Me? This book has been responsible for all the scream-laughs coming from my bedroom this past week.


Go Christmas/whatever shopping at Public Garden! This month it is weirdly enough in the Suntec Convention Centre but maybe that’s good because #haze.


Some blueberry inspired things, like that crumble pictured above or these Clinton St. Baking Co’s blueberry pancakes.


Speaking of, there’s a Clinton St. Baking Company in Singapore now. It’s apparently expensive and very hip.

Costly Coping Mechanism

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I have a confession to make.

When I get stressed out, or bored or feel like my life is out-of-control – I shop.

I go out and buy new clothes. I shop for food in grocery stores, specialty grocery stores, on health food sites online. I stock up on body care and make-up.

And how do I justify it? I tell myself, I need a wardrobe revamp or that my parents always told me to eat well or that I need those lotions ANYWAY.

I’m never in debt (though there was that one time in college my Dad was pretty understanding…) but I don’t like that it’s something I turn to, to feel in control, or better or distracted. It’s not sustainable (both personally and for the planet) and it’s unnecessary,

As my next birthday draws closer I’m starting to think about how I want my next year to unfold, what habits I want to discard and who I really want to be.

For the most part I am happy with the way I have evolved over the years. For instance:
– I now embrace the fact that I love writing
– Being nice is not a priority
– I’m more comfortable in my skin than before
– And because of the above, my diet is more about health and less about being thin
– I am able to negotiate with the demons in my mind so they don’t take over

So, if I have been able to achieve all of the above – maybe it’s time to take on the one bad habit I have never been able to kick – because I never wanted to address it.

Stop shopping superfluously. Hmm.

Can I stop AFTER my birthday?



I have like no money.

Ok that’s a lie. I have like some money.

But given how much I’ve been spending to prepare myself for my friend’s wedding (again I know it’s not my wedding), the amount I have left in my bank account is starting to look a lot like no money. Relative to before anyway.

SO, when all these Black Friday sales came around I had to concede that no, I cannot justify a purchase of an awesome sneaker/dress/wallet because I just can’t afford it.



Great sale going on at the moment, with up to 70% off storewide. Get an additional 10% off when you sign up for the newsletter and it’s free shipping for orders over SGD70.

This tank is like yaay!

adidas Rooster Graphic Tank – marked down SGD24 from SGD45 and that’s before the 10% discount

And I can’t stop considering these shoes:

Basket Profi Shoes – Only SGD39! Original price: SGD125


Lotsa stuff on sale, free shipping with purchases over USD100 and 15% off orders of USD250+, 20% off orders of USD500+, 25% off orders of USD1000+ with the code GOBIG14 at checkout.


ONE by Viva Aviva Rongo Ruffle Top – USD45 (before any discounts) reduced from USD150

So pretty – SO PRETTY:

Samantha Wills Young at Heart Earrings – USD101.50, before any discounts’

Cotton On

Plenty on sale, 40% off store-wide with the code TAKE40 and free shipping for orders over SGD50.

These cute and supercheap crop is seriously making me rethink my no-buy policy:

Lacie Off the Shoulder Crop – SGD5 (before the 40% discount) reduced from SGD24.95

Little black dress, anyone?

Norma Shift Dress – SGD19.90 (before 40% discount) from SGD24.95


20% off site-wide with the code – CYBERWKND20 and free shipping with orders above SGD50.

I’m obsessed with this dress:

ASOS PETITE Exclusive Printed Paisley Halter Dress – SGD46.27 reduced from SGD92.54 (before the 20% discount)

Also this. Because it’s so, so pretty:

River Island  Gold Embellished Round Clutch – SGD85.24 before the 20% discount

So that’s a small sliver of the stuff you can get on Black Friday that is easily shippable to Singapore.

And the next time you feel sorry for yourself because you can’t afford to buy yourself that little extra something, watch this video of this kid who got a tablet from his parents who can barely afford it and then cried and then made me cry.