It’s been one of those weeks – where I’ve been staring down the clock at work. Just wanting to be somewhere else. On vacation? Maybe? Sunning myself by the pool in some beautiful far away land? Ok – yes, definitely. I could stay in any one of these beautiful hotels. My favorite being this ridiculously escapist … More READ THIS: VOLUME 9


These look amazing don’t they? Well I FOOLED you – because they were super undercooked due to some extremely inaccurate oven temp conversion action! I still ate one. Which Celebrity Decorator Get’s You? I got Jonathan Adler and I think yes. It’s accurate. A workout to try next time I’m running outside. I can never … More READ THIS: VOLUME 6


I LOVED this article on how to live well without spending too much. A timely reminder for an already expensive 2014! This write up about the contradictions of what millennials eat and drink cracked me up. I’m also basically guilty of doing/thinking all those things. SO awkward. I love it. Apparently there are 3 different attachment … More READ THIS: VOLUME 5