My not so sad breakfast this morning of the always satisfying Nutty Cranberry Granola - recipe from Shutterbean
This morning’s breakfast was the always satisfying Nutty Cranberry Granola – recipe from Shutterbean

It’s been one of those weeks – where I’ve been staring down the clock at work.

Just wanting to be somewhere else.

On vacation? Maybe? Sunning myself by the pool in some beautiful far away land? Ok – yes, definitely.

I could stay in any one of these beautiful hotels. My favorite being this ridiculously escapist Moroccan spot or this hotel ON A CLIFF in Portugal.

But first I need a new swimsuit. Ooh how about this one?

Before I wear that though I better make sure I’m all fit – I’ve been getting inspired by Lydia Elise Millen – Fitness, beauty, fashion and life(Style) blogger and all-around very pretty person.

And maybe when I’m on vacay I can use this stunning MAC eye quad by Pedro Lourenco ?

While I’m at it Imma gonna make sure I eat all them popsicles and partake in this new churro-ice-cream abomination.



Its been a while since I’ve done a Read This post so here goes.

And I’m not just doing one because I don’t have a food post up my sleeve and have to make do.


Blackberry, Honey, and Yogurt Ice Pops
Blackberry, Honey, and Yogurt Ice Pops

After a wonderful gift from Hattie (AKA popsicle molds) i was able to jump on the summer recipe bandwagon of icy treats. These Blackberry, Honey and Yogurt Ice Pops/AKA my first popsicle experiment totally lived up to my expectations. There is tang from the yogurt and lime and richness from the pureed blackberry. My version used sugar syrup made with raw sugar and vanilla extract!

There’s a Cafe Fest coming up in Singapore that I’m super excited about. Speaking of cafes, despite new ones opening up all the time (I’m referring to The Tastemaker), I still stick by my old favorites, Artisan Boulangerie Co. (for their great service, coffee and quiches) and Tiong Bahru Bakery (for their pitch perfect Almond Chocolate Croissant).

Despite not delivering any food posts this week – I’ve been preparing food at home non-stop. My new favorite lunch are these Peanut-Sesame Slaw with Soba Noodles (I added baked tofu), this parmesan vinagrette is great with romaine and I baked Lacy Coconut-Topped Brownies for a sweet treat!

World Cup! World Cup! World Cup! It started y’all.

There are a number of different ads out there but this one by Beats wins – simply because of the sheer number of celebrities in it.  See if you can spot all of them.

*Photography by Hoi Yee (paper_shins).