Duck confit with potato mash!
Duck confit with potato mash!

What: An affordable french restaurant with very minimal attempts at decor (minus some questionable chandeliers) because: affordable.

Pros: The food is good and it’s really good value-for-money. They have a set lunch and you can choose the entree, main and dessert for SGD22.90. I had a wonderful garden salad that came with hazelnuts (what??), duck confit (a bit heavy but whatchoogonnado) and pandan creme brulee to end. Not too shabby considering how much you would pay ANYWHERE else for something like that.

Cons: The ambiance – it’s very minimalist and very spartan but hey, just squint and you can call it industrial.

Verdict: For Singapore, it’s good value and I say go and enjoy a nice fancy meal (you can even get steak – yo!).

Saveur – Two outlets but I went to the one @ Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road, #01-7B
Singapore 228213
6736 1121


Rainbow Room Cosmopolitan - SGD23 - maybe...
Rainbow Room Cosmopolitan

What: A Great Gatsby-esque bar/lounge with imaginative cocktails. They also have food – I just didn’t eat any.

Pros: A crazy extensive cocktail list – that actually live up to their funky names! Friendly staff and that ambiance man – fancyyy.

Cons: Like I said it’s fancyyy, which can also be bad because that means expensive + a tad pretentious. Also it’s super cold! AND because it’s such a stylish place you cant really wrap yourself up in a blanket.

Verdict: I like it, but maybe save it for a fun girl’s night or if you’re pretending to be fancy. Or maybe you are actually fancy? These things are all very relative.

Manhattan at the Regent
1 Cuscaden Road
6725 3377

Wild Honey at Scotts Square

Ahh, Wild Honey.

The enclave of yuppies, tai-tais and expats in Singapore since 2010.

When my girlfriends and I were planning a long overdue catch-up and wanted it to be in an indulgent setting (because we’re worth it), we decided to do it at Wild Honey. It’s convenient location meant we could launch directly into a completely unnecessary shopping spree right after in ALL THE MALLS on Orchard Road.

So we, ok fine, I prepped myself by wearing a the uniform of the female Singapore weekender. The maxi dress. Just the right degree of chic and what, this old thing?


Wild Honey serves breakfast all day, err day and it’s expensive. Like over 20 bucks per dish (for the most part, at least).

The breakfasts are named after the countries they are supposedly served in and the portions are not huge, but large enough to make you regret you eating the whole thing.

This time around I went for the “English,” which I regretted because really I had my eye on the “Santa Fe” as soon as I saw the menu. Word of advice, if you ask for your server’s recommendation, you generally have to take it or you look like an asshole. So don’t ask for their recommendation.

The “English” was hearty but ordinary – and I found myself craving my homemade version of Ayam brand baked beans, chicken sausages and regular sliced bread.

Mel had the very photogenic “Californian” which was eggs scrambled with tofu/veggies and I wanna say, ciabatta.

Ham and Brie Sandwich
Ham and Brie Sandwich
Hoi opted to go the sandwich route and hers was a delicious ham and cheese ciabatta thingy.

The Tunisian (SGD24?)
The Tunisian (SGD24?)
Amy, the last girlfriend standing, chose the “Tunisian” which was shaksuka.

Coffee was generally great and the ambiance was comfortably snobby.

All in all, Wild Honey is what I call a black hole of brunch. A somewhat unnecessary experience you keep getting sucked into.

Wild Honey at Scotts Square
333A Orchard Rd
6235 3900


I recommend choosing your own concoctions - priced from SGD4.90 to SGD6.90
I recommend choosing your own concoctions – priced from SGD4.90 to SGD6.90 – also sorry random lady!

What: A Spanish frozen yogurt franchise that’s hit Singapore’s dessert scene with a bang. The evidence for their success? The crazy-ass long lines. Also it’s pronounced yao-yao. Blame the Iberians.

Pros: Yummy frozen yogurt (apparently the process starts with greek yogurt) with especially yummy jam based toppings.

Cons: The wait – 20 mins minimum. And really if you think about it, how different can frozen yogurt really be?

Verdict: I like it, but I would say go with a group of friends to pass the long wait time and/or it’s a really hot day.

llaollao – many outlets but I visited
68 Orchard Road
#01-22A, Plaza Singapura
Singapore 229239