Read. Do. Make. Eat. 28.8.2015

Eat some ice-cream. Here.
Eat some ice-cream. Here.

SO cute AND helpful. This writer followed her Mom around Costco and this is what she learned.

Good looking people share the contents of their fridge. What? Why? Because they’re good looking and that makes me care.


It’s the last weekend of the Singapore Night Festival – gotta love it when people try to marry the (supposed) mundanity of museums with the novelty of staying out past your bedtime.

Practice your (insert language here).




This chocolate bar.

The SGD18++ six-plate degustation pasta with wine at Bottura. Can you say value for money?

A parting thought – what do you guys think about cookbooks? I think they’re beautiful but I never use them – I either find recipes on the Interweb, make something up or call my Mom.

Super Loco

Super Huevos Rancheros (SGD 20) and the Taco de Desayuno (SGD7) with a side of baconnn
Super Huevos Rancheros (SGD 20) and the Taco de Desayuno (SGD7) with a side of baconnn

What: A beautiful restaurant perched in a very trendy part of the already very trendy Robertson Quay.

Pros: The breeze in your hair and pretty people errwhere. Their food is pretty good, like I enjoyed my breakfast taco, but it’s not as good as the price or the ambiance of the restaurant suggests.

Cons: I had their Sparkling Yuzu Margarita (SGD17) which sounded like it would taste like a party in my mouth but was at very best, passable.

Verdict: I would say… don’t go. The food is better at their sister restaurant Lucha Loco and if you want good food on the river… make yourself a tasty sandwich and sit on the steps in the quay.

Super Loco
60 Robertson Quay
6235 8900

Lucha Loco

It's so good it's loco!
It’s so good it’s loco!

What: Very hip taqueria (restaurant that serves tacos) and garden bar (aka they have outside seating and some potted plants) situated in trendy Duxton, with more pretty people as customers than I could count.

Pros: The tacos are so good that I literally wolfed them down before I could take any pictures of them. That’s why the only picture you have is of a coaster.

Cons: EXPENSIVE. It’s SGD11 for a teeny taco – no sides – and the drinks are on the pricey side too.

Verdict: OMG go – the food is good, drinks are quite good, the people are “good” and there are twinkly lights. Twinkly lights!

Lucha Loco
15 Duxton Hill
Tanjong Pagar
6226 3938

The 1925

Wasabi Fries and a half-pint of Yellow Van
Wasabi Fries and a half-pint of Yellow Van
I have different friends to fulfill different needs.

I’ve got my super intellectual/shopping enabler best friend.

I’ve got my best bro with whom I discuss movies and shit.

I’ve got my soulmates from high school I still Whatsapp and Skype furiously with.

And… I’ve got my gurlfriends.

Chatting about boys, clothes, our careers and gossiping might not feature very prominently on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs but can I just say – talking shit is cathartic.

Which is why when Mel booked a table at The 1925 to get together our group of girly-friends, I was thrilled because I know it meant good times and maybe… good food? Coz I didn’t know shit about The 1925. Nobody I knew had eaten there and all Mel said was that it looked cool and the food looked “tasty.” Sure.

So this 1925 place is fashioned as a brewery slash brunch place. I didn’t know what to expect, especially since most of the restos in Jalan Besar fashion themselves as these industrial-hipster hangouts where people wear lots of hats. I’m not into hats – worn indoors. In Singapore. Because why.

When we arrived Amy was tucking into Wasabi fries (picture above) which was just as you would expect – tangy and the right consistency. Not too crispy and comfortingly dense.

I got the Yellow Van to drink and really enjoyed it (our very helpful waiter advised me to go with that since it was the girliest of the beers they had – not disappointed!) The girls had the darker and more bitter beers and they were, in their own words “bitter.”

Crispy Egg Aglio Olio
Crispy Egg Aglio Olio
Food was a mixed bag, Mel was exited about eating the Aglio Olio with crispy egg, which she thought would be a soft boiled egg that was deep fried. Alas it came with flyaway crispy egg bits and the dish tasted more like not very good mee hoon than aglio olio.

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken
Amy went for the chicken that came with potatoes and ratatouille and said it was passable.

Pan Seared Fish in Pesto
Pan Seared Fish in Pesto
I ate this. I know what you’re thinking, fish fillet? It’s so boring and safe and plain. Well maybe it’s a boring choice but goddamn it was good. Perfectly seared, with perfectly seasoned rice and an accompaniment of ratatouille. I was impressed and happy.

So it just goes to show – the safe choice is probably the best one.

We also had a salad (not on the menu) with a yummy wasabi-balsamic reduction dressing and a Hawaiian pizza (crust deemed too thin).

Overall the beer was good, service was great, food was so-so and the ambience was nice. Would I go back? Probably, just to test out their brunch items and then walk over to Chye Seng Huat Hardware for a coffee.

The 1925
369 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208997
+65 6294 9215

Lime House

Jerk chicken!
Jerk chicken!

What: A Caribbean-style restaurant and bar in the very trendy Keong Saik neighborhood.

Pros: The vibe and decor is great but the real winner is their banana cake dessert with fig ice-cream. I dream about it when I’m alone at night.

Cons: The jerk chicken, AKA the only savory food I ate the night I visited them, was only ok. I thought Caribbean food was supposed to be spicyful and flavorful and I found it spicy-ish and flavorful-ish. And it’s expensive! Ish.

Verdict: Go but for the drinks and vibe. I have a feeling they make mean drinks. And if you don’t like it you can always go to The Cufflink Club – where, apparently, all of Singapore likes to congregate.

Lime House
2 Jiak Chuan Road
Singapore 089260

Jekyll & Hyde

What: A stylish, specialized cocktail joint in the CBD area.

Pros: When they get their cocktails right, they’re really right. The Mr Bean, which is inspired by the traditional Singapore beancurd dessert, is spot-on – sweet, milky and potent. The ultimate girlie cocktail. Also they play great 2000 era hip-hop – which made me bounce in my chair.

Cons: When the cocktails are bad – they’re SUPER bad – like the cough syrup abomination that I ordered first. Also the service is the worst I’ve experienced in such an establishment. The wait staff are inattentive and slow, although they do know their menu well.

Verdict: It’s a good spot for after work drinks and the cocktails are fab especially if you stick to their tried and tested menu. Experimentation is not advised.

Jekyll & Hyde
49 Tras Street
Singapore 078988
6222 3349


Rainbow Room Cosmopolitan - SGD23 - maybe...
Rainbow Room Cosmopolitan

What: A Great Gatsby-esque bar/lounge with imaginative cocktails. They also have food – I just didn’t eat any.

Pros: A crazy extensive cocktail list – that actually live up to their funky names! Friendly staff and that ambiance man – fancyyy.

Cons: Like I said it’s fancyyy, which can also be bad because that means expensive + a tad pretentious. Also it’s super cold! AND because it’s such a stylish place you cant really wrap yourself up in a blanket.

Verdict: I like it, but maybe save it for a fun girl’s night or if you’re pretending to be fancy. Or maybe you are actually fancy? These things are all very relative.

Manhattan at the Regent
1 Cuscaden Road
6725 3377