Pita and Olives

What: Teeny-tiny Israeli restaurant located in 100 AM mall. Pros: The food is delicious, healthy (ish) and comforting. I felt like we were eating in someone’s home. I also loved their smoky baba ghanoush (top-most, middle, green mush) and kept going back to it for just a little more, just a little more. Cons: The ambiance is … More Pita and Olives


What: An affordable french restaurant with very minimal attempts at decor (minus some questionable chandeliers) because: affordable. Pros: The food is good and it’s really good value-for-money. They have a set lunch and you can choose the entree, main and dessert for SGD22.90. I had a wonderful garden salad that came with hazelnuts (what??), duck confit (a bit heavy but … More Saveur

The Tastemaker

What: Neighborhood kopitiam masquerading as a hipster cafe. Pros: Wonderful staff and nice ambience. Cons: The food is, how to say it nicely… um… CMI (cannot make it). I have tried their toast set with lemon curd and to fair it was pretty good, but the bun was average and the coffee was insipid. On another day I … More The Tastemaker

Le Halo

What: Whimsical cafe that serves toast. REALLY thick toast. Pros: Great service (earnest and helpful), cute/colorful decor and reasonable prices. Cons: The food is okay – despite trying to be innovative (Otak toast, Toast set – that you get to actually toast at your table, in toasters you personally choose) I just felt that taste-wise it was a little underwhelming. Verdict: I … More Le Halo

Paik’s Bibimbap

What: Fast Korean Food. Pros: It’s fast and relatively healthy, offers bibimbap and tteokbokki and other Korean dishes at a reasonable price. Cons: It’s really, not that good. I mean I make a better bibimbap. But I did live in Korea for four years. Verdict: Don’t go. Find another Korean restaurant to satisfy that kimchi craving you’ve got goin’ … More Paik’s Bibimbap

nana’s green tea

What: Japanese/Western plates with a side of green tea/matcha ERRTHANG. Pros: The drinks are like SO good. And the SGD13.90 set lunches that come with a drink are ALSO valid on weekends which makes this a reasonable, yummy + a tad fancy, food option. Cons: Drinks on their own are pricey, starting at SGD6.50. Honestly, there are very few … More nana’s green tea


What: Organic Australasian fare. Pros: Fresh and feel-good (as in you will feel good because of the healthy decision you made to eat it). Cons: Inconsistent service (sometimes very polite and sometimes they don’t care if you exist) and not all items are that good. Verdict: Go but choose your outlets and dishes wisely – I suggest sticking to … More Cedele