Read. Do. Make. Eat. 25.9.2015

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The new Mindy Kaling book, Why Not Me? This book has been responsible for all the scream-laughs coming from my bedroom this past week.


Go Christmas/whatever shopping at Public Garden! This month it is weirdly enough in the Suntec Convention Centre but maybe that’s good because #haze.


Some blueberry inspired things, like that crumble pictured above or these Clinton St. Baking Co’s blueberry pancakes.


Speaking of, there’s a Clinton St. Baking Company in Singapore now. It’s apparently expensive and very hip.

Read. Do. Make. Eat. 28.8.2015

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Eat some ice-cream. Here.

Eat some ice-cream. Here.


SO cute AND helpful. This writer followed her Mom around Costco and this is what she learned.

Good looking people share the contents of their fridge. What? Why? Because they’re good looking and that makes me care.


It’s the last weekend of the Singapore Night Festival – gotta love it when people try to marry the (supposed) mundanity of museums with the novelty of staying out past your bedtime.

Practice your (insert language here).




This chocolate bar.

The SGD18++ six-plate degustation pasta with wine at Bottura. Can you say value for money?

A parting thought – what do you guys think about cookbooks? I think they’re beautiful but I never use them – I either find recipes on the Interweb, make something up or call my Mom.

I make ugly food & it TASTES SO GOOD: Vol III

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Hi friends! I’m back with the third installment of ugly food I cook and for some reason, you can’t get enough of!

I cook a couple of times a week and many times I look to the Internet Gods for guidance, advice and of course – recipes.

This installment is the longest I’ve ever done and features heavily on desserts… Clearly I need to stop pretending I live in a cold country and need sustenance in the form of sweet treats.

Because I live in Singapore and my ass needs sustenance in the form of raw green things. And some lean protein. But you know #details

SO. This time around I changed up the format. See the pretty pictures first and the ugly AND REAL pictures later.

You guys like reality? Right?

Classic Lemon Bars – Joy The Baker

This dessert, like so many others, was born out of a frenzy of denying my body sugar for days. Actually it might have been 24 hours. But as they say, same-to-same. I found the lemons in my fridge, stole my flatmate’s flour and baked these babies up. They might look questionable but I can actually say I pretty much ate ALL of this, by myself.

Healthy Quinoa Chicken Curry Bowls – Pinch of Yum

I always REALLY regret making Indian-fusion food or anything with the word curry in it. Why? It’s always insipid and then I crave my Mom’s food and then I crawl into a fetal position and cry. True story.

Ginger Walnut Chocolate Blondies – Joy the Baker

I have featured these babies before here, but before the editing and amateur “food styling” I attempted, they looked like this. They tasted friggin AMAZING though.

Goat Cheese and Blackberry Jam Grilled Sandwiches – Aamupalalla

I saw this grilled cheese, I had some left-over goat cheese, Hoi had just given me a mini-pot of strawberry jam – and I knew, it was meant to be. Stinky, cheesy and yummy, this baby was intense. Would I make it again? No. But do I regret it? No.

Chicken Shwarma Nachos – My Name is Yeh

I made these nachos for a girlie dinner and it went down like a hit. Looking back at these pictures makes me realize though that man – I have got to learn how to style food! Or accept that having a food blog might mean not eating the food you present on the blog. ANYWAY, this was very tasty and Molly Yeh’s original post on it is beautiful. I recommend taking a look.

Oatmeal raisin cookie baked oatmeal – Two Red Bowls

I saved the best, err ugliest, for last. A questionable textured breakfast that tasted pretty yummy, this baked oatmeal looked like the stuff of breakfast dreams, but in actuality looked CRAZY TERRIBLE. UGH.

I swear my food tastes good.


Pretty picture I took at Gardens by the Bay - which I may have already used on Instagram

Pretty picture I took at Gardens by the Bay – which I may have already used on Instagram

Guys – I can’t do my Salad Monday post today because I’m busy with some ultra secret plans.

BUT I did come across some truly fun reads to kickstart not only your work week but the new year. Oh yeahhh Happy New Year cool kids – may 2015 be awesomer than the last and may you be kind to everyone around you!

Great fashion and generally closet advice/rules for the new year here. Definitely going to be following it. Also goes hand in hand with my don’t-spend-money-coz-you-don’t-have-much-of-it resolution.

Another thing to be mindful of next year is that chatting online while at work is definitely bad for you and NO you are not good at multitasking because multitasking isn’t actually a real thing.

Also GREAT food habits to incorporate into your life.

So, I’m not sharing salad with you but I definitely want to eat one. This one, specifically.




It’s the end of the year. I can barely function. So. I’m just gonna ask you to read this.


Came across Viva Luxury’s AMAZING Christmas party outfit post. Some thoughts: I would like  to A. Look like her. B. Have a fancy enough event to wear that dress to. C. Be able to afford that dress.

So this is how much a bungalow costs in Singapore. DAYAMN.

Can someone make these eggnog cinnamon rolls with rum icing for me this Christmas? Please?

Pretty impressive beauty routine that makes me want ALLTHEMAKE-UP.

‘Back of the Package’ recipes – I’ve been making the Quaker oatmeal cookie one to RAVE reviews for years.



The Internet, today, is like blowing my mind.

Honestly, the amount of stuff that’s just making me  inspired and interested is amazing. Let’s start with the spot on comic on feminism I got from HuffPo above. See the whole strip here.

We may have forgotten about the Nigerian girls who were abducted by Boko Haram but this write-up, with interviews from the few who managed to escape, serve as an important reminder that they are still missing.

It’s the time for pumpkin treats and I can’t figure out whether to start with this pumpkin coffee cake, this simple walnut pumpkin bread or these cream cheese topped pumpkin bars.


And finally, I already posted this to my Facebook page but I’m all in favor of this – owning up to feeling jealous so you can figure out why you’re feeling it and then, get over it.


Peanut Butter Granola for the week!

Peanut Butter Granola for the week!

Sorry about the dearth in posting, the truth is I am actually doing a blog course because I want to change the direction of my blog. Or at least introduce a few new pathways.

So in order to that – I need your help! Please do this poll:

If I ignore your suggestions and blog about whatever I want anyway I’m sorry but it’s not personal. I mean it’s personal for me but I do not personally wish to offend you.

A couple things that have caught my eye is this video – about how to wash your face properly.

I watched it and was like WHATEVER. And then I tried washing my face and it felt so clean and then I went out and bought two bottles of Avene Thermal Spring Water. I’ll let you know if I start looking supermodel by next week.

Finally enjoy this RIDICULOUS music video by J-Lo and Iggy Igss. Guess who will be watching Ms Lopez in an F1 concert this weekend? Yes, that’s right me. I get to see all that ASS in person. So lucky. So, so lucky.

But honestly, when did we start obsessing about boo-TAYS?

I make ugly food & it TASTES SO GOOD: Vol II

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My first ugly food post is actually the most popular post on my blog EVER. It got 105 views which let’s face it is, pretty paltry and in all honesty it only got there because Shutterbean linked to me. THANK GOD FOR HER.

In a bid to replicate my early success in a time of complete creative drought (I find that I’m mostly really concerned about what lipstick color I should buy) that I thought I would copy an old post.

Like always, I’ve been cooking up a storm and it’s been good, but it really hasn’t looked good. AKA I haven’t bothered styling it.

Here’s what I’ve been cooking and enjoying these past two weeks! Bon Appétit!

Bonkers Awesome Mushroom and Onion Shells and Cheese Joy The Baker

The minute I saw this recipe on Joy’s blog I had to make it. However the amount of cheese and butter held me back knowing that really eating this could in no way be classified as healthy or good for you. Still I made it (Sans Gruyere – which I will use next time) and not only was it an awesome dinner, it was an awesome lunch to take into work. Too bad it really looks nothing like the original.

Strawberry and Spinach Salad with Quinoa and Goat CheeseCookie and Kate

I don’t really impulse food shop because I have a set amount of things I eat in a day and at certain times (5 o’clock apple – everyday!).* So when I do buy something out of the ordinary it generally causes a lot of panic and my mind immediately tries to slot it into my routine. This is what happened when I recently bought some cheap strawberries. I don’t have the calorie bandwith or time to eat strawberries but I had to eat dinner, so I made this salad and added some grilled chicken and was good to go! Was it good? Ish.

Spicy Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup – All Recipes

Honestly, All Recipes? I know, how very 2000 of me. But seriously this recipe, which I stumbled across after typing in “sweet potato” and “coconut milk” into Google, was actually AMAZING. Make it and dunk in some udon, veggies and some silken tofu and you’ve got A MEAL my friends.

Big Clusters Maple Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Granola – Averie Cooks

I make granola from time and time and it’s always vaguely healthy. This time I didn’t want to do healthy – I wanted to do chock full, can’t even pretend this is good for you granola. Because sometimes you want to. Sometimes you want to be bad – and then feel good – and then feel obese. Because really this is what happened when I made this granola. And honestly – check out the photography in the original post and drool because it is oh-so-good.

*If you think this is strange and weird and you are still my friend then you obviously think this is a charming quirk of mine and we need not discuss this further.



Hi friends – I’m leaving tonight for a much looked forward to vacation in sunny Valencia and rainy London.

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re super jealous and want to smack me. I would be too/want to hit me.

Still, I promise pictures, stories and a much more tanned me (wait – this all sounds gratuitous), and in the meantime I leave you with links to all the articles/blogs/guides I’ve been reading to prepare myself for this trip. Note: This is London heavy – I’ve been preparing for Valencia by waking up at 6:30 am and running 5 km in sheer terror. At the thought of wearing a bikini.

SO – here we go:

I got these amazing Adidas sneakers from LEFTFOOT to walk all over Londontown – you can get yours there or at Vocab

First things first, I’m the reallest – wait no – that’s not right – what I meant to say is I prepped for my trip by going CRAZY trying to figure out what to wear. But what I wear in Singapore might be super unacceptable in Valencia/London, no?

So I had to figure out what’s fashionable there by turning to London fashion bloggers wishwishwish, who is quirky and what I would categorize as “quintessentially English” and park & cube who is chic and urban and oh-so-envy inducing.

I should start by looking travel ready when I get on the plane right? Wendy’s Lookbook does it right here and here

Confession time – all my stuff touches everything – my clothes touch my shoes which touch my toiletries which touch my…


Also, Preetha – my best friend and my future hostest with the mostest made the most amazing London itinerary which I will share later, after getting her permission.

In the meantime, I’m most excited about getting some pampering in at the very trendy looking Cucumba, strolling around Maltby Street Market and buying many MANY things from Boots aka a Soap and Glory superhaul – eep!



There was so much sweat. SO MUCH SWEAT.

There was so much sweat. SO MUCH SWEAT.

I have embarked on a more-intense-than-usual training regime since I need to look good for an upcoming Valencia vacation. The picture above was taken after doing this workout. I’m smiling but I’m actually IN SO MUCH PAIN. Honestly though, it was a good challenge and you should try it if you’re bored with your current running routine.

Recently I’ve been feeling like some of the world’s problems could be solved if we kept an open mind AND ate some food together.

For some reason I can’t stop reading articles about the Orlando Bloom-Justin Bieber (almost) fight and then cracking up 😛

Need to try this whole summer-time pin up look soon – would it work on a brown girl like me???

Finally – a simple article about what gluten is.