The 1925

I have different friends to fulfill different needs. I’ve got my super intellectual/shopping enabler best friend. I’ve got my best bro with whom I discuss movies and shit. I’ve got my soulmates from high school I still Whatsapp and Skype furiously with. And… I’ve got my gurlfriends. Chatting about boys, clothes, our careers and gossiping … More The 1925

The Bravery

What: A very hipster, very derelict (I’m using this the Zoolander way) industrial cafe that serves reasonably priced brunch options. Pros: The wait-staff were quite polite and they let you sit forever. Like FOREVER. Cons: Ok… well the food is very whatever. It’s really just like eggs and toast and you can probably make it better at home. … More The Bravery


What: A kitschy, quirky, cafe in Jalan Besar that seems to attract visitors based on how photogenic their food and furnishings are. Pros: Really, REALLY good avocado coffee. It’s basically an avocado smoothie-milkshake thing with one or two espresso shots, depending on how you’re feeling. Two espresso shots – because who are you kidding? Cons: The food is extremely underwhelming. My duck … More Aeiou


What: A craft beer joint (23 different types!) housed in what used to be an old school chinese pharmacy. See: hipster. Pros: The beers (prices range from SGD8-15-ish), which are plentiful and DELICIOUS and the staff who are helpful and charming. Cons: Food is not their strongest suit – especially the coffee ribs – don’t order them, they … More Druggists