Pretty picture I took at Gardens by the Bay - which I may have already used on Instagram
Pretty picture I took at Gardens by the Bay – which I may have already used on Instagram

Guys – I can’t do my Salad Monday post today because I’m busy with some ultra secret plans.

BUT I did come across some truly fun reads to kickstart not only your work week but the new year. Oh yeahhh Happy New Year cool kids – may 2015 be awesomer than the last and may you be kind to everyone around you!

Great fashion and generally closet advice/rules for the new year here. Definitely going to be following it. Also goes hand in hand with my don’t-spend-money-coz-you-don’t-have-much-of-it resolution.

Another thing to be mindful of next year is that chatting online while at work is definitely bad for you and NO you are not good at multitasking because multitasking isn’t actually a real thing.

Also GREAT food habits to incorporate into your life.

So, I’m not sharing salad with you but I definitely want to eat one. This one, specifically.



It’s the end of the year. I can barely function. So. I’m just gonna ask you to read this.


Came across Viva Luxury’s AMAZING Christmas party outfit post. Some thoughts: I would like  to A. Look like her. B. Have a fancy enough event to wear that dress to. C. Be able to afford that dress.

So this is how much a bungalow costs in Singapore. DAYAMN.

Can someone make these eggnog cinnamon rolls with rum icing for me this Christmas? Please?

Pretty impressive beauty routine that makes me want ALLTHEMAKE-UP.

‘Back of the Package’ recipes – I’ve been making the Quaker oatmeal cookie one to RAVE reviews for years.

Internet-ing: FASHION BLOGS

I love fashion.

I don’t necessarily understand fashion – as evidenced by what I wear (especially true when I’m at home) – but I love how inspirational it is.

My Mom loved dressing me up as a child. Every birthday I would get a special birthday outfit with matching socks, shoes and sometimes even a new hairband. My favorite was my princess dress I wore to kindergarten on my birthday, a soft-pink crumpled effect off-shoulder dress with pale green puffy sleeves and a matching skirt.

As the years passed I made many fashion mistakes, like that off-white windbreaker I wore in middle school which I thought passed for a street looking bomber. It, unsurprisingly, did not. Or when I wore a red half sleeved Hawaiian shirt all through 9th and 10th grade.

Now as I’m older I’ve kinda settled into this whole 50s/hipster/no-style style that I’m quite comfortable with and find that I still LOVE fashion.

I love it when people dress deliberately and have a point of view.

I love that dressing up can make you feel good, even if everything else is going wrong around you.

I LOVE fashion and these are the blogs that I’m currently crushing on – at least fashion wise – and I want to share:

Viva Luxury – Fashion and Accessories
1. Annabelle Fleur – An LA based Canadian who is so pretty that it will make your heart ache
2. Her dressing is impeccable and as the blog title suggest exudes luxury
3. Her collaboration with DVF has resulted in my favorite posts from her here and here.

Annabelle Fleur from Viva Luxury

wishwishwish – Fashion and Lifestyle
1. Carrie Harwood – Size UK 14 (which if you know fashion blogs, you know that’s rare) Londoner
2. Whimsical, structured and very, VERY British style
3. Beautifully photographed outfits shots along with some sponsored trips to beautiful eateries/events in London and even picturesque European destinations like Helsinki and Paris
4. It’s the kind of the blog you wish you were writing!

Girl Meets Glam – Fashion and Beauty
1. Julia Engel – A San Francisco stylista who rocks both amazing outfits and very polished make-up
2. Her pictures look like movie stills – DRAMAAAA
3. The post layouts are a lot like magazine fashion pages with outfits, make-up and perfume featured on the side
4. The feel is very professional and very aspirational

closetvisit and The Sartorialist
For some good inspiration, the former is a look into the closets of some seriously stylish people and the second is a very famous street fashion photo-blog


Hi friends – I’m leaving tonight for a much looked forward to vacation in sunny Valencia and rainy London.

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re super jealous and want to smack me. I would be too/want to hit me.

Still, I promise pictures, stories and a much more tanned me (wait – this all sounds gratuitous), and in the meantime I leave you with links to all the articles/blogs/guides I’ve been reading to prepare myself for this trip. Note: This is London heavy – I’ve been preparing for Valencia by waking up at 6:30 am and running 5 km in sheer terror. At the thought of wearing a bikini.

SO – here we go:

I got these amazing Adidas sneakers from LEFTFOOT to walk all over Londontown – you can get yours there or at Vocab

First things first, I’m the reallest – wait no – that’s not right – what I meant to say is I prepped for my trip by going CRAZY trying to figure out what to wear. But what I wear in Singapore might be super unacceptable in Valencia/London, no?

So I had to figure out what’s fashionable there by turning to London fashion bloggers wishwishwish, who is quirky and what I would categorize as “quintessentially English” and park & cube who is chic and urban and oh-so-envy inducing.

I should start by looking travel ready when I get on the plane right? Wendy’s Lookbook does it right here and here

Confession time – all my stuff touches everything – my clothes touch my shoes which touch my toiletries which touch my…


Also, Preetha – my best friend and my future hostest with the mostest made the most amazing London itinerary which I will share later, after getting her permission.

In the meantime, I’m most excited about getting some pampering in at the very trendy looking Cucumba, strolling around Maltby Street Market and buying many MANY things from Boots aka a Soap and Glory superhaul – eep!

Read this: Volume 1

My favorite blog posts are generally the ones that come once a week with links to insightful articles/tasty food/pretty things WHATEVER. And since I work in communications, collating news or links was my job once upon a time. Since I apparently miss it so much here is my contribution to what you’re reading today!

Breakfast: The International New York Times – I get a free copy at work every morning. Best way to start the day!

The reason my diet will start next week: 50 Things to Eat (in Singapore) Before You Die – Bak kwa mac and cheese anyone?

Following this news all week – NSA phone tapping – today’s story is: Obama May Ban Spying on Heads of Allied States

Looking forward to: TEARING into my new bag of Throwback coffee from Papa Palheta
Not surprised that: Men Look More At Your Body Than Your Face – you mean they don’t like me for my WINNING PERSONALITY???

Smartypants at Oxford tell us: Now, a Kiss Isn’t Just a Kiss

Blog Discovery – Food: Brown Eyed Baker and the Katharine Hepburn Brownies (a classic I must know) that led me to discover her wonderfulness. My pants will not thank me.

Blog (re)Discovery – Fashion: Extra Petite helps the vertically challenged girl dress all purty. I actually found her blog ages ago but found her style too adult, but that seems to have changed! Look, look, LOOK – so pretty!