The 1925

I have different friends to fulfill different needs. I’ve got my super intellectual/shopping enabler best friend. I’ve got my best bro with whom I discuss movies and shit. I’ve got my soulmates from high school I still Whatsapp and Skype furiously with. And… I’ve got my gurlfriends. Chatting about boys, clothes, our careers and gossiping … More The 1925

Real Food

What: A super healthy cafe, with NO MEAT and NO FAT and NO BAD THINGS. Pros: The food is simple, the staff are sincere and there’s plenty of space to stretch out and get your Sunday on. Cons: The food is really simple – like the only thing I could say after I ate it was – “Man, … More Real Food


What:A lovely, lazy Western-ish brunch place in the middle of a not very beautiful mall. Pros: The coffee is GREAT and their vibe, along with their very friendly and accommodating staff. Cons: The food is actually a hit or miss, sometimes very good and sometimes very average. The sardou, pictured above, was a bit of both. As … More Croute

Potato Head Folk

What: A Western (Aussie/American/British??) burger joint with some Asian touches. Pros: HEARTY, tasty and very hip. Definitely have the Naughty Fries (SGD9)! Cons: Lamentably slow service and pricey (SGD18-25 for the burgers – and they don’t come with sides). Verdict: Visit them and enjoy the food but be very, very patient. Details: 36 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089143 6327 1939 Website