Weekends = brunch. Brunch with friends this past weekend was an at home affair of hastily cooked scrambled eggs, value-pack sausages, caramelized onions, white buttom mushrooms (ok this was legit) and lots of leftover fancy-ish baguette from Marche. Now what does one do with half a baguette. Eat it all with a big hunk of … More PanzaNELLA!

Banana Bread

I haven’t done a post in while not because I haven’t been cooking. Au contraire I’ve been slaving away in the kitchen! That also means when I’m done cooking I can’t be assed to take pictures or share recipes. This is banana bread I made a week ago. I ate half the loaf and froze the … More Banana Bread

Pumpkin Banana Bread

I’ve been eating this all day, err day. Actually I’ve been eating this for breakfast. Occasionally. BUT! It’s really quite good and the texture is fantastic. This bread came to be because I bought a tin of canned pumpkin and a jar of pumpkin spice. I made a pumpkin latte and then stared at both … More Pumpkin Banana Bread