The Internet, today, is like blowing my mind.

Honestly, the amount of stuff that’s just making me  inspired and interested is amazing. Let’s start with the spot on comic on feminism I got from HuffPo above. See the whole strip here.

We may have forgotten about the Nigerian girls who were abducted by Boko Haram but this write-up, with interviews from the few who managed to escape, serve as an important reminder that they are still missing.

It’s the time for pumpkin treats and I can’t figure out whether to start with this pumpkin coffee cake, this simple walnut pumpkin bread or these cream cheese topped pumpkin bars.


And finally, I already posted this to my Facebook page but I’m all in favor of this – owning up to feeling jealous so you can figure out why you’re feeling it and then, get over it.


Peanut Butter Granola for the week!
Peanut Butter Granola for the week!

Sorry about the dearth in posting, the truth is I am actually doing a blog course because I want to change the direction of my blog. Or at least introduce a few new pathways.

So in order to that – I need your help! Please do this poll:

If I ignore your suggestions and blog about whatever I want anyway I’m sorry but it’s not personal. I mean it’s personal for me but I do not personally wish to offend you.

A couple things that have caught my eye is this video – about how to wash your face properly.

I watched it and was like WHATEVER. And then I tried washing my face and it felt so clean and then I went out and bought two bottles of Avene Thermal Spring Water. I’ll let you know if I start looking supermodel by next week.

Finally enjoy this RIDICULOUS music video by J-Lo and Iggy Igss. Guess who will be watching Ms Lopez in an F1 concert this weekend? Yes, that’s right me. I get to see all that ASS in person. So lucky. So, so lucky.

But honestly, when did we start obsessing about boo-TAYS?


But honestly the answer to most problems = adequate sleep
But honestly the answer to most problems = adequate sleep
This edition is ALL about little tips and tricks to help you WIN at life. Man I miss that game.

Anywho. Firstly, here is all the equipment you need when dealing with fruit and veg in the kitchen.

Being stressed and depressed is more likely to make you fat. So, you know, don’t do it anymore.

Ok fine – here are some actual practical tips – you can practice being optimistic.

It’s hot y’all. I mean I know it’s hot in Singapore, it’s always hot in Singapore but for those of you going on a beach vacay, here are some handy tips to fight breakouts this summer. I ran right to Sephora and bought me some make-up wipes after reading this.

Enough for now! Watch this video! Watch the movie!