P.S. Cafe at Harding Road

P.S. Cafe is one of those places that you’re supposed to hate.

It’s pretentious, it’s expensive, it’s full of expatriates and you always feel slightly uncool when you’re there.

But the thing is – I don’t hate it.

In fact I kinda love it.

Why? Because the food is good, you always feel like it’s a special experience when you’re there and the cakes.

P.S. Cafe at Harding Road is arguable the P.S. Cafe. Forget Ann Siang, forget the teeny-tiny Paragon branch and puhlease, those P.S. Petit branches seriously don’t count. Harding Road is where it’s at.

This is because this branch sits in the cocooned enclave of Dempsey chi-chi/atas restaurants. Where wearing billowy chic caftans and acting super casual about paying SGD8 for a coffee is necessary to fit in.

So obviously when I visited I was totally at home in my New Look distressed jeans and flea market black t-shirt. TOTES.

I visited P.S. Cafe on a bustling Wednesday for lunch. It was PACKED. Don’t people have jobs?

Onto the food.

The first thing they tell you to order at P.S. Cafe are the truffle fries. So of course my table ordered truffle fries.

Famed truffle fries
Famed truffle fries

I don’t even like thin fries but these are great. The truffle scent was aromatic and yummy and the parmesan shavings just amp the whole experience up. Definitely order the truffle fries.

Spicy King Prawn Aglio Olio
Spicy King Prawn Aglio Olio

For the main course my boss and I shared the Spicy King Prawn Aglio Olio and the Chargrilled Portobello Salad (not pictured). The salad was dense and interesting, a sweeter dressing than I usually like but it worked. The Pasta was classic fusion – mamak mee/pad thai pretending to be fancy – but who cares when it’s actually good?

Chocolate blackout cake and carrot cake
Chocolate blackout cake (can’t actually remember the name) and carrot cake

And then the cakes… oh the cakes. Please excuse how hideous the picture is above. But that cake, oh god that blackout cake. You eat it and it hits you and then you just keep going. It’s intense. The carrot cake and key lime pie (not pictured) were good but that chocolate cake was something else. It’s like a high class version of the Celine from Nickels (Canada shoutout, skip if you’ve never been there).

Sticky date pudding with ice-cream
Sticky date pudding with ice-cream

But, but, but the best was the pudding we ordered right at the very end. The sticky date pudding was ooey, gooey and three shades shy of being an Indian dessert. It was basically perfect. Mmm.

The sevenĀ of us paid SGD470. Like I said, it’s expensive but we ate well and I’m pretty sure all of us loved it.

Stop hating and embrace the atas-ness. It’s delicious.

P.S. Cafe at Harding Road
28b Harding Road
Singapore 249549
+65 9070 8782


Last week was Restaurant Week. Now if you don’t know what that is, I can’t help you.

J/K! It’s a week in Singapore, where these fancy and semi-fancy restaurants offer a three course meal at a reasonable price of SGD25-45++ for lunch and SGD35-55++ for dinner.

To be honest I kinda found out about this late. And so many of the “hot” tables were basically gone. Like a spot at Salt was completely out of the question and a reservation at WOLF? Only if you were willing to eat at 10:30pm.

Thankfully my dining mate and friend, Yuka, and I both wanted something a little different. We wanted peranakan, which – though tasty, isn’t exactly hip. So we easily got an 8 o’clock reservation for Friday night dinner and can I say – we we not disappointed, at all.

Ok so we went in there, and it’s in the Dorsett which you’d think would be fancy but the restaurant itself is sort of all glass, and kind of ethnic-y coffee shop chairs.

So, basically, zero points for ambience.

But the wait staff are so polite and demure, despite looking like stage-hands in black jeans and t-shirts, that we were like ALRIGHT.

The surprise menu turned out to be a selection of starters a choice of beef/pork/barramundi/somethingelseicantremember for the main and what can only be described as coconut delight and their signature coconut custard. Reviews are below the dishes.

Roti jala with chicken, pulut with some type of filling, tamarind chawanmushi (I think) and foie gras something
Roti jala with chicken, pulut with some type of filling, tamarind chawanmushi (I think) and foie gras something

The roti jala with chicken was great, though not very heavily spiced. Kinda roti-jala lite but still had us licking our lips. The tamarind chawanmushi was a tad weird, but I’m into tamarind so I knocked that back. The pulut had a super, I wanna say shrimp floss? filling and it was lovely. The foie gras was great, really fatty, but then I did feel bad after I ate it. All in all the starters deserved a 4/5.

Buah Keluak Beef Cheek
Buah Keluak Beef Cheek

This is their super famous Buah Keluak main. The meat was beef cheek. And ok, it was succulent and all but if you don’t already know, buah keluak tastes WEIRD man. Like SO weird. Anyway we didn’t know and ok we got used to it but honestly no. For those who like the taste this dish is easily 5/5, for us it was more like a 3/5.

Grilled Barramundi with Sambal
Grilled Barramundi with Sambal

This was so good, SO GOOD. I mean perfectly grilled barramundi with a sambal that was piquant but not too spicy or sweet. Can I say we found a winner? 5/5 easily.

Chendol Cream - Signature coconut custard, gula melaka sauce with pandan jelly
Chendol Cream – Signature coconut custard, gula melaka sauce with pandan jelly

This was basically the best thing we ate. We both ordered it and it was like coconutty and asian and sweet and perfect. And there wasn’t too much even though I kinda wanted there to be too much? 5/5 EVERYDAMNDAY.

This whole place probably deserves 4/5 on account of the venue and some misses in the appetizers. But it was totes worth the 35++ price tag for Restaurant Week and I would even go back there when it’s normal price. Possibly.

Dorsett Residences
331 New Bridge Road
Singapore 088764
+65 8121 4107

p.s. Sorry about all the shadows. I promise to learn how to stand properly to avoid shadows or learn how to properly photoshop. One or the other.