Duck confit with potato mash!
Duck confit with potato mash!

What: An affordable french restaurant with very minimal attempts at decor (minus some questionable chandeliers) because: affordable.

Pros: The food is good and it’s really good value-for-money. They have a set lunch and you can choose the entree, main and dessert for SGD22.90. I had a wonderful garden salad that came with hazelnuts (what??), duck confit (a bit heavy but whatchoogonnado) and pandan creme brulee to end. Not too shabby considering how much you would pay ANYWHERE else for something like that.

Cons: The ambiance – it’s very minimalist and very spartan but hey, just squint and you can call it industrial.

Verdict: For Singapore, it’s good value and I say go and enjoy a nice fancy meal (you can even get steak – yo!).

Saveur – Two outlets but I went to the one @ Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road, #01-7B
Singapore 228213
6736 1121

Lucha Loco

It's so good it's loco!
It’s so good it’s loco!

What: Very hip taqueria (restaurant that serves tacos) and garden bar (aka they have outside seating and some potted plants) situated in trendy Duxton, with more pretty people as customers than I could count.

Pros: The tacos are so good that I literally wolfed them down before I could take any pictures of them. That’s why the only picture you have is of a coaster.

Cons: EXPENSIVE. It’s SGD11 for a teeny taco – no sides – and the drinks are on the pricey side too.

Verdict: OMG go – the food is good, drinks are quite good, the people are “good” and there are twinkly lights. Twinkly lights!

Lucha Loco
15 Duxton Hill
Tanjong Pagar
6226 3938

Lime House

Jerk chicken!
Jerk chicken!

What: A Caribbean-style restaurant and bar in the very trendy Keong Saik neighborhood.

Pros: The vibe and decor is great but the real winner is their banana cake dessert with fig ice-cream. I dream about it when I’m alone at night.

Cons: The jerk chicken, AKA the only savory food I ate the night I visited them, was only ok. I thought Caribbean food was supposed to be spicyful and flavorful and I found it spicy-ish and flavorful-ish. And it’s expensive! Ish.

Verdict: Go but for the drinks and vibe. I have a feeling they make mean drinks. And if you don’t like it you can always go to The Cufflink Club – where, apparently, all of Singapore likes to congregate.

Lime House
2 Jiak Chuan Road
Singapore 089260


The brownie that got me to Jonathan's
The brownie that got me to Jonathan’s

What: Gluten-free, super un-pretentious cafe, located in Little India, owned by the cutest couple in ALLTHELAND.

Pros: This is obviously a haven for all the gluten-intolerant (real and imagined) people in Singapore and their big breakfast (don’t actually remember the name) was delicious. And, AND they salt the eggs so that I don’t have to. What is it with unseasoned food in restaurants nowadays? It should be perfect on a plate, I shouldn’t have to do any work when I’m eating out.

Cons: Hard one to admit but though I visited Jonathan’s for their salted caramel brownie (my colleague had given me a regular brownie her niece aka the owner of Jonathan’s had baked and it was todiefor) – I didn’t like it that much. Their savory options win over the sweet.

Verdict: OMG visit them and eat and laugh and pretend to be healthy – you know you want to.

Disclaimer: My friend and colleague’s niece actually owns Jonathan’s BUT this review is unbiased. Even if I spent most of brunch chilling with the owners screaming, “I DON’T WANT TO SALT MY SHIT!”

17 Dalhousie Lane
Singapore 209685
+65 6291 3396

The Bravery

Yes, the eggs were as dry as they look
Yes, the eggs were dry as they look

What: A very hipster, very derelict (I’m using this the Zoolander way) industrial cafe that serves reasonably priced brunch options.

Pros: The wait-staff were quite polite and they let you sit forever. Like FOREVER.

Cons: Ok… well the food is very whatever. It’s really just like eggs and toast and you can probably make it better at home. And the coffee is also whatever. And their chairs have no backs. I must be getting old because stools are no longer acceptable forms of seating.

Verdict: No, NO. Go find another hipster cafe, there are so many more that do it so much better.

The Bravery
66 Horne Road
Singapore 209073