Duck confit with potato mash!
Duck confit with potato mash!

What: An affordable french restaurant with very minimal attempts at decor (minus some questionable chandeliers) because: affordable.

Pros: The food is good and it’s really good value-for-money. They have a set lunch and you can choose the entree, main and dessert for SGD22.90. I had a wonderful garden salad that came with hazelnuts (what??), duck confit (a bit heavy but whatchoogonnado) and pandan creme brulee to end. Not too shabby considering how much you would pay ANYWHERE else for something like that.

Cons: The ambiance – it’s very minimalist and very spartan but hey, just squint and you can call it industrial.

Verdict: For Singapore, it’s good value and I say go and enjoy a nice fancy meal (you can even get steak – yo!).

Saveur – Two outlets but I went to the one @ Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road, #01-7B
Singapore 228213
6736 1121

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