The brownie that got me to Jonathan's
The brownie that got me to Jonathan’s

What: Gluten-free, super un-pretentious cafe, located in Little India, owned by the cutest couple in ALLTHELAND.

Pros: This is obviously a haven for all the gluten-intolerant (real and imagined) people in Singapore and their big breakfast (don’t actually remember the name) was delicious. And, AND they salt the eggs so that I don’t have to. What is it with unseasoned food in restaurants nowadays? It should be perfect on a plate, I shouldn’t have to do any work when I’m eating out.

Cons: Hard one to admit but though I visited Jonathan’s for their salted caramel brownie (my colleague had given me a regular brownie her niece aka the owner of Jonathan’s had baked and it was todiefor) – I didn’t like it that much. Their savory options win over the sweet.

Verdict: OMG visit them and eat and laugh and pretend to be healthy – you know you want to.

Disclaimer: My friend and colleague’s niece actually owns Jonathan’s BUT this review is unbiased. Even if I spent most of brunch chilling with the owners screaming, “I DON’T WANT TO SALT MY SHIT!”

17 Dalhousie Lane
Singapore 209685
+65 6291 3396

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