Secret Vacation Behavior 

you know what I’m talking about

As you all know from my steady stream of pictures from the past few days, I’m in Mongolia and I’m on vacation. While I don’t quite have the time nor the desktop for a full holiday/travel post, I would like to share a short list of of “secret” behaviors I engage in while on vacation. 

1. I try not to wear make-up because chances are you’re traveling with people you’re not trying to impress and the people at your destination have no idea that you could look better. So my skin gets a break, I feel stupidly feminist AND I don’t have to pack all them products. And for that last fancy dinner when I do put make-up on, I can always count on a few “Ooh, you look so good,” and that’s always nice. 

2. Whenever free/ when confronted with good lighting I engage in hair removal. Let’s face it, when on vacay there’s always some free time. Instead of spending it on my phone or reading (because really, who needs that), I choose to wax and pluck whatever hairs have gone astray. Waxing is especially good to do when you’re visiting cold places (Let the hair grow baby! And then when you’re back home you’re all booty short ready) and tweezing is great to do on beach vacations when you’re chilling on your villa patio (or whatever) and the great lighting allows you to pick up ALL the stray hairs.

3. I try to workout. Vacations are funny, amazing, rejuvenating adventures which can, whether we like to admit it or not, throw our bodies out of whack. Whether it’s the under sleeping, overeating or constant imbibing – sometimes it can leave a person worse for the wear. I like to get a couple of yoga sessions in (save the sessions on my tablet and practice wherever) and walk a lot and uphill (upwards of 10,000 steps), if running isn’t an option. I’ve heard of people who run through the cities they are visiting as some kind of workout/sightseeing combo. One day I hope to be as hip and European as them.

And I of course eat all the chocolate and carbs I can find. But I think that might not be such a big secret.

One thought on “Secret Vacation Behavior ”

  1. I am loving your vacation posts. And don’t let anybody tell you any different: you look awesome without makeup! J

    Alexander Pforte

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