Fighting Flight


As I write this, the seatbelt sign has been turned on and I’m bracing myself, albeit more lightly than I usually do, for turbulence on my recent flight from Incheon to Ulanbaatar.

Ok I confess I had to stop writing and watch Chappie to distract myself – which incidentally – is a fantastic movie.

The fear of flying is something I developed about a year ago. I think it was a result of me flying every month and not being able to control the fact that I had to.

Which leads me back to why I am, or most people are, afraid of flying. It’s the complete and utter lack of control you have over the plane. I mean I know it’s the same when you’re a passenger in a car, bus or train, but when you’re in a plane your feet are nowhere near the ground – and I think that’s some freaky shit.

We worry what would happen should the worst happen. What happens to our families, the future we had wanted so badly for ourself or worse still – in those final moments that we really can’t control.

Which makes me think that maybe it’s not at all about flying. It’s about not having control. But the truth is we have very little control whether in flight. Or in life.

If we could accept this maybe the outcome wouldn’t be so scary. Or as scary.

Still I would like to propose a few practical solutions to this conundrum:

1. Deep breathing.

2. Alcohol.

3. Life insurance. Lotsssss of it 😝

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