Lime House

What: A Caribbean-style restaurant and bar in the very trendy Keong Saik neighborhood. Pros: The vibe and decor is great but the real winner is their banana cake dessert with fig ice-cream. I dream about it when I’m alone at night. Cons: The jerk chicken, AKA the only savory food I ate the night I visited them, was … More Lime House

Cooking with… PZ

I met PZ at work, under what I would describe as not very fortuitous circumstances. She doesn’t know this but we became friends because I thought it would be a good idea to charm her since we had to work together and people generally work better with people they like so…* Little did I know … More Cooking with… PZ


What: Gluten-free, super un-pretentious cafe, located in Little India, owned by the cutest couple in ALLTHELAND. Pros: This is obviously a haven for all the gluten-intolerant (real and imagined) people in Singapore and their big breakfast (don’t actually remember the name) was delicious. And, AND they salt the eggs so that I don’t have to. What is it … More Jonathan’s

Holiday Burn-out

 The maximum I can spend on a holiday or retreat or any kind of getaway is about a week. This is usually because I get bored or tired of the vacation and want to get back to my real life. While this might seem like a symptom of being perennially unable to switch off, I … More Holiday Burn-out