Cheers to the freaking weekEND

See our happy faces?
See our happy faces?
It’s that time of the week again – when you shrug your tight shoulders (courtesy of being hunched over the computer) loose, swap your OL (office lady / lad) polyester garb for club / weekend chic and let down your heavily styled hair. It’s the weekend my friends and it’s what I (and a lot of other people) call real life.

Let me explain, I know that 8:30am to 6:00pm (I know, my work hours are a little too long), Monday to Friday, 52 weeks of the year is a lot of time to not be calling your real life.

But it feels like it isn’t.

When the weekend comes – I go into weekend mode. I don’t think about work, I just think nourishment, friends, sun, laughter – and that’s when I’m in Singapore.

It’s almost as though a black cloud lifts at the end of the week and the weekend becomes this weird alternate universe of frenzied activity, pool parties, long catch ups over brunch and horrifyingly decadent eating.

When Monday rolls around I almost feel as though I’m being slapped in the face by reality.

The funny thing is I actually REALLY like my job.

So why the shift?

Sometimes I think these weekend shenanigans are a result of being in Singapore without my family. Kind of like a symptom of being an expat. How can I make it so, SO fun this weekend that I completely forget about the fact that I’m slightly lonely.

Or maybe that’s unfair.

Maybe it’s a symptom of being young and knowing that in this moment I am free to do all these things with little regard for time and responsibilities.

Or maybe it’s because Singapore is a small place and if you aren’t traveling somewhere, you should be doing something REALLYCOOLRIGHTNOW.

All I know is that it all smells a bit like a YOLO a lot like escapism.

I didn’t write this because I’m preaching or because I think there’s a better way to use or experience a weekend. I wrote it because I’m trying to figure out what I feel about the whole thing.

Now excuse me, because I need to get ready for dinner and drinks. OMGITSGONNABEAWESOMEYALL.

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