The Bravery

What: A very hipster, very derelict (I’m using this the Zoolander way) industrial cafe that serves reasonably priced brunch options. Pros: The wait-staff were quite polite and they let you sit forever. Like FOREVER. Cons: Ok… well the food is very whatever. It’s really just like eggs and toast and you can probably make it better at home. … More The Bravery

Fatboys: The Burger Bar

What: A burger joint decorated with black and white drawings of a Despicable Me-esque fat boy. Pros: Their beef-based burgers are solid, the price (with fries and coleslaw) is under SGD20, which is pretty good for Singapore, and the service staff are friendly. Cons: Their non-beef burgers are um… and there are MANYYOUNGPEOPLE. This might be distressing to … More Fatboys: The Burger Bar

Real Food

What: A super healthy cafe, with NO MEAT and NO FAT and NO BAD THINGS. Pros: The food is simple, the staff are sincere and there’s plenty of space to stretch out and get your Sunday on. Cons: The food is really simple – like the only thing I could say after I ate it was – “Man, … More Real Food