What:A lovely, lazy Western-ish brunch place in the middle of a not very beautiful mall. Pros: The coffee is GREAT and their vibe, along with their very friendly and accommodating staff. Cons: The food is actually a hit or miss, sometimes very good and sometimes very average. The sardou, pictured above, was a bit of both. As … More Croute

Working on Weekends

I’ve got this friend, Gina, who loves her work. She loves what she does and sometimes works on weekends. I’m guessing she does this because: A) She has stuff she can’t get done during the week. B) She works in theater related stuff so performances are sometimes on weekends = no choice. C) See the … More Working on Weekends


What: A craft beer joint (23 different types!) housed in what used to be an old school chinese pharmacy. See: hipster. Pros: The beers (prices range from SGD8-15-ish), which are plentiful and DELICIOUS and the staff who are helpful and charming. Cons: Food is not their strongest suit – especially the coffee ribs – don’t order them, they … More Druggists


What: An ethical Jap/Western fusion-ish restaurant in the middle of NOWHERE. Pros: Really, REALLY good fries. They were soft AND crisp and the mentaiko mayo dip was addictive. Also, the setting is beeyootiful. Cons: Ok I know I ordered a fried fish burger and fries (to share ok?!) but everything felt really heavy and oily – and my … More Grub