Cheap and Cheerful Christmas Tokens

They're ready for their close-up.
They’re ready for their close-up.

Here’s the thing about Christmas.

You have to buy a lot of presents.

90% of the people you buy presents for, you don’t actually want to be buying presents for because:

1. You’re buying them presents because you feel obligated to buy presents for them


2. You can’t stand them BUT see above.

So, what do you do when confronted with the prospect of buying presents you just kind of don’t want to give?

You want it to be easy to find because ain’t nobody trekking to specialty store for these people.

You want it to be cheap because you want to save your money for the remaining 10% present recipients you like.

You need it to look thoughtful because shit – you don’t want people to actually know that you’re an ass.


I present to you my solution.

Cheapo goodie bags, with a personalized tag.

Inside – a mini sized Toblerone, a Loacker wafer thingy, Ghirardelli peppermint bark squares, a 3 in 1 Old Town Coffee mix sachet and a Twinings peppermint tea bag. All the stuff an office drone can appreciate in the coming year.

Total cost including goodie bag and tag?

Less than SGD5 per person.

I bought the goodie bags at 80 cents each from Public Garden but you can make them with wrapping paper of your own.

The tags are from Typo and I stencilled the first letter of people’s names on while watching Sex and the City episodes.

Prepping all the bags took me 30 minutes.

Definitely worth it.

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