The Tastemaker

What: Neighborhood kopitiam masquerading as a hipster cafe. Pros: Wonderful staff and nice ambience. Cons: The food is, how to say it nicely… um… CMI (cannot make it). I have tried their toast set with lemon curd and to fair it was pretty good, but the bun was average and the coffee was insipid. On another day I … More The Tastemaker

Le Halo

What: Whimsical cafe that serves toast. REALLY thick toast. Pros: Great service (earnest and helpful), cute/colorful decor and reasonable prices. Cons: The food is okay – despite trying to be innovative (Otak toast, Toast set – that you get to actually toast at your table, in toasters you personally choose) I just felt that taste-wise it was a little underwhelming. Verdict: I … More Le Halo


I’m away this weekend and for a bit of next week attending my friends’ wedding in Jaisalmer, India. Brb. In the meantime – enjoy the view!