I’ve got a confession to make.

Since I’ve been back from London I’ve picked up a few habits I didn’t have before.

I now drink a lot of tea. English Breakfast and Earl Grey to be precise. I eat biscuits in the afternoon. I also now wear tea dresses to work.

But the one habit I’ve really picked up since coming back is watching the Channel 4, award-winning, hit reality TV show, Made in Chelsea.

See how I did that, I mentioned “Channel 4”, how the show has won “awards” and that it’s a “hit” show. All supposedly redeeming features, right?


The show is TRASH. It follows the life and loves of a group of friends (yeah-right) who live in the area Chelsea in London. They are literally the WORST people you can imagine – and you gotta remember – this is REALITY TV.

They consist of cheaters, liars, judgers, posers and on top of it all they can’t even say that their poor behavior was a result of difficult upbringing because they are rich as hell. As in they have horses and speak French fluently, because of their nannies and South of France vacations, and live in hotels when they’re in between apartments.

But I can’t tear myself away, whether it’s because of all the characters I hate to hate or because I’m not so secretly super vacuous – I can’t tell you!

But I’m not alone because; I started watching this show with my friend Preetha while I was in London and we binge watched the first season in one week. A month and a week later I as I’m relating back my thoughts on a more recent episode (OMG I hate Spencer) I have to sheepishly admit to her that I’m still watching it and she’s like I can’t judge coz I’ve watched that episode too!

Closing Statements: You shouldn’t watch this. Not really, unless you like posh accents, nice clothes, ostentatious parties and very bad behavior. Who are you kidding?! You should TOTALLY watch this.

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