I watch trashy TV. And I do this because I find it entertaining.

I know I’m supposed to be smart and I’m not supposed to actually like watching reality TV shows where people cry and behave badly BUT I do.

So in defense of all the things I watch, good and bad, I’ve decided to start this regular series where I review my current TV pleasure, and defend and also explain my questionable choices. So you can decide if it really is ill-advised, or if it’s BRILLIANT and that you should tune in.

This week is the oft-critiicized The Biggest Loser.

This show was big when it first came out because people a) like to see makeovers and b) people really like to see humiliation in progress.

However, as the years went on it became obvious that the workout methods used on the show were too extreme and that very often when the show was over, contestants actually gained all the weight back.

Still, the show is entertaining and I think we all just want to see them skinny, really.

Season 16, which I’ve started watching, is a littler different from past seasons. This time former athletes compete to be The Biggest Loser and for me this is more appealing than the regular seasons simply because these guys were fit and chances are when that weight comes off they have a body of an athlete underneath – and I like fit people y’all!

There are also two new trainers this season, the first is ex-athlete Jessie Pavelka (Jake Pavelka’s,The Bachelor, brother) and Jen Widerstrom, whose touchy feely mantras weirdly really motivate her team.

As for the whole, this is unhealthy argument, well it is. But as my flatmate Melissa says, so is being really obese. So…

Closing Statements: You should watch The Biggest Loser too because it’s available on YouTube, might motivate your ass to move and with the amount of crying they do – gives you an excuse to release all that pent up emotion.

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