Chocolate Blackberry Pudding

Chocolate Blackberry Pudding

I finally FINALLY made this.

After, literally months after I pinned it and then looked at it every couple of weeks and decided not to make it.

And why didn’t I?

I honestly felt that no one was going to be as into this ooey gooey mess as I was going to be. They were going to take a bite and say TOO SWEET or TOO CHOCOLATEY or TOO RICH.

But then when Preetha took a bite of her blackberry and declared it tart, I knew that the time had come. PUDDING time.

I’m not going to repost the recipe here because I didn’t change the original that was presented beautifully at The Sugar Hit.

The pudding itself was worth the wait. It was gooey, thick and was comforting on the mildly cold London day that we devoured it on while watching an episode of The Great British Bake Off which, fortuitously enough, turned out to be the desserts episode. Their signature challenge turned out to be… self-saucing puddings.

Sometimes, life really is satisfying.

Me, holding the pudding artfully out of Preetha's window
Me, holding the pudding artfully out of Preetha’s window

London details and pictures coming later – this was just one of the things I did while there!

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