I watch trashy TV. And I do this because I find it entertaining.

I know I’m supposed to be smart and I’m not supposed to actually like watching reality TV shows where people cry and behave badly BUT I do.

So in defense of all the things I watch, good and bad, I’ve decided to start this regular series where I review my current TV pleasure, and defend and also explain my questionable choices. So you can decide if it really is ill-advised, or if it’s BRILLIANT and that you should tune in.

This week is the oft-critiicized The Biggest Loser.

This show was big when it first came out because people a) like to see makeovers and b) people really like to see humiliation in progress.

However, as the years went on it became obvious that the workout methods used on the show were too extreme and that very often when the show was over, contestants actually gained all the weight back.

Still, the show is entertaining and I think we all just want to see them skinny, really.

Season 16, which I’ve started watching, is a littler different from past seasons. This time former athletes compete to be The Biggest Loser and for me this is more appealing than the regular seasons simply because these guys were fit and chances are when that weight comes off they have a body of an athlete underneath – and I like fit people y’all!

There are also two new trainers this season, the first is ex-athlete Jessie Pavelka (Jake Pavelka’s,The Bachelor, brother) and Jen Widerstrom, whose touchy feely mantras weirdly really motivate her team.

As for the whole, this is unhealthy argument, well it is. But as my flatmate Melissa says, so is being really obese. So…

Closing Statements: You should watch The Biggest Loser too because it’s available on YouTube, might motivate your ass to move and with the amount of crying they do – gives you an excuse to release all that pent up emotion.



Peanut Butter Granola for the week!
Peanut Butter Granola for the week!

Sorry about the dearth in posting, the truth is I am actually doing a blog course because I want to change the direction of my blog. Or at least introduce a few new pathways.

So in order to that – I need your help! Please do this poll:

If I ignore your suggestions and blog about whatever I want anyway I’m sorry but it’s not personal. I mean it’s personal for me but I do not personally wish to offend you.

A couple things that have caught my eye is this video – about how to wash your face properly.

I watched it and was like WHATEVER. And then I tried washing my face and it felt so clean and then I went out and bought two bottles of Avene Thermal Spring Water. I’ll let you know if I start looking supermodel by next week.

Finally enjoy this RIDICULOUS music video by J-Lo and Iggy Igss. Guess who will be watching Ms Lopez in an F1 concert this weekend? Yes, that’s right me. I get to see all that ASS in person. So lucky. So, so lucky.

But honestly, when did we start obsessing about boo-TAYS?


Cedele's Red Seafood Risotto
Cedele’s Red Seafood Risotto

What: Organic Australasian fare.

Pros: Fresh and feel-good (as in you will feel good because of the healthy decision you made to eat it).

Cons: Inconsistent service (sometimes very polite and sometimes they don’t care if you exist) and not all items are that good.

Verdict: Go but choose your outlets and dishes wisely – I suggest sticking to the pasta and grill & greens! Also, the ice-cream is worth a try.

Many outlets but my personal faves are the following:

Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road
#03-14 Wheelock Place
Singapore 238880
+65 6732 8520

290 Orchard Road
#01-20A Paragon
Singapore 238859
+65 6887 5303

I make ugly food & it TASTES SO GOOD: Vol II

My first ugly food post is actually the most popular post on my blog EVER. It got 105 views which let’s face it is, pretty paltry and in all honesty it only got there because Shutterbean linked to me. THANK GOD FOR HER.

In a bid to replicate my early success in a time of complete creative drought (I find that I’m mostly really concerned about what lipstick color I should buy) that I thought I would copy an old post.

Like always, I’ve been cooking up a storm and it’s been good, but it really hasn’t looked good. AKA I haven’t bothered styling it.

Here’s what I’ve been cooking and enjoying these past two weeks! Bon Appétit!

Bonkers Awesome Mushroom and Onion Shells and Cheese Joy The Baker

The minute I saw this recipe on Joy’s blog I had to make it. However the amount of cheese and butter held me back knowing that really eating this could in no way be classified as healthy or good for you. Still I made it (Sans Gruyere – which I will use next time) and not only was it an awesome dinner, it was an awesome lunch to take into work. Too bad it really looks nothing like the original.

Strawberry and Spinach Salad with Quinoa and Goat CheeseCookie and Kate

I don’t really impulse food shop because I have a set amount of things I eat in a day and at certain times (5 o’clock apple – everyday!).* So when I do buy something out of the ordinary it generally causes a lot of panic and my mind immediately tries to slot it into my routine. This is what happened when I recently bought some cheap strawberries. I don’t have the calorie bandwith or time to eat strawberries but I had to eat dinner, so I made this salad and added some grilled chicken and was good to go! Was it good? Ish.

Spicy Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup – All Recipes

Honestly, All Recipes? I know, how very 2000 of me. But seriously this recipe, which I stumbled across after typing in “sweet potato” and “coconut milk” into Google, was actually AMAZING. Make it and dunk in some udon, veggies and some silken tofu and you’ve got A MEAL my friends.

Big Clusters Maple Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Granola – Averie Cooks

I make granola from time and time and it’s always vaguely healthy. This time I didn’t want to do healthy – I wanted to do chock full, can’t even pretend this is good for you granola. Because sometimes you want to. Sometimes you want to be bad – and then feel good – and then feel obese. Because really this is what happened when I made this granola. And honestly – check out the photography in the original post and drool because it is oh-so-good.

*If you think this is strange and weird and you are still my friend then you obviously think this is a charming quirk of mine and we need not discuss this further.

Chocolate Blackberry Pudding

Chocolate Blackberry Pudding

I finally FINALLY made this.

After, literally months after I pinned it and then looked at it every couple of weeks and decided not to make it.

And why didn’t I?

I honestly felt that no one was going to be as into this ooey gooey mess as I was going to be. They were going to take a bite and say TOO SWEET or TOO CHOCOLATEY or TOO RICH.

But then when Preetha took a bite of her blackberry and declared it tart, I knew that the time had come. PUDDING time.

I’m not going to repost the recipe here because I didn’t change the original that was presented beautifully at The Sugar Hit.

The pudding itself was worth the wait. It was gooey, thick and was comforting on the mildly cold London day that we devoured it on while watching an episode of The Great British Bake Off which, fortuitously enough, turned out to be the desserts episode. Their signature challenge turned out to be… self-saucing puddings.

Sometimes, life really is satisfying.

Me, holding the pudding artfully out of Preetha's window
Me, holding the pudding artfully out of Preetha’s window

London details and pictures coming later – this was just one of the things I did while there!