Hi friends – I’m leaving tonight for a much looked forward to vacation in sunny Valencia and rainy London.

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re super jealous and want to smack me. I would be too/want to hit me.

Still, I promise pictures, stories and a much more tanned me (wait – this all sounds gratuitous), and in the meantime I leave you with links to all the articles/blogs/guides I’ve been reading to prepare myself for this trip. Note: This is London heavy – I’ve been preparing for Valencia by waking up at 6:30 am and running 5 km in sheer terror. At the thought of wearing a bikini.

SO – here we go:

I got these amazing Adidas sneakers from LEFTFOOT to walk all over Londontown – you can get yours there or at Vocab

First things first, I’m the reallest – wait no – that’s not right – what I meant to say is I prepped for my trip by going CRAZY trying to figure out what to wear. But what I wear in Singapore might be super unacceptable in Valencia/London, no?

So I had to figure out what’s fashionable there by turning to London fashion bloggers wishwishwish, who is quirky and what I would categorize as “quintessentially English” and park & cube who is chic and urban and oh-so-envy inducing.

I should start by looking travel ready when I get on the plane right? Wendy’s Lookbook does it right here and here

Confession time – all my stuff touches everything – my clothes touch my shoes which touch my toiletries which touch my…


Also, Preetha – my best friend and my future hostest with the mostest made the most amazing London itinerary which I will share later, after getting her permission.

In the meantime, I’m most excited about getting some pampering in at the very trendy looking Cucumba, strolling around Maltby Street Market and buying many MANY things from Boots aka a Soap and Glory superhaul – eep!

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