Bibimbap YO!
Bibimbap YO!

Most people already know this but I spent a good four years of my life in Korea.

The first year or two I hated it. I hated the landscape, this new school I had to go to and MAN did I hate the food.

And then one day it was like a lightbulb turned on and I couldn’t get enough of the bulgogi, tokbuki, gimbap, ramen and ohhh bibimbap. In the months leading up to my family’s move back to Malaysia I would eat bibimbap everyday.

So when I came across this recipe from the aspirational How You Glow, I had to try it.

The verdict: IT IS SO DAMN GOOD.

Go straight to the website for instructions because I did it exactly as they advised. Except I subbed soy sauce (use 2 Tbsps) for tamari – what the heck is that anyway?

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