GUYSSSS. I feel ILL. And so sorry for myself.

But I better stop whining because, to borrow a quote from Orange Is the New Black (which I binge-watched last weekend), “Problems are always boring, until they’re yours.” Or something like that.

An inspiring interview with Jill Abramson, The New York Times editor who was just fired for her “brusque management style.”

I made those blondies (pictured above) two days ago. While sick. But I needed something sweet and easy and these were definitely that. Pro tip: reduce the sugar amount to 3/4 cup.

There’s a bunch of cooked rice in my freezer right now and I’m gonna turn it into rice pudding y’all. It’s gonna be gooood.

By the way, I’ve started bolding all my links after I rediscovered one of my favorite beauty blogs, Mouldy Fruit. She does it and it’s easier to find where the links are. She’s also really just making me want to spend all my monehhhh.

Ok I need a nap now.

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