It’s been one of those weeks – where I’ve been staring down the clock at work. Just wanting to be somewhere else. On vacation? Maybe? Sunning myself by the pool in some beautiful far away land? Ok – yes, definitely. I could stay in any one of these beautiful hotels. My favorite being this ridiculously escapist … More READ THIS: VOLUME 9

Potato Head Folk

What: A Western (Aussie/American/British??) burger joint with some Asian touches. Pros: HEARTY, tasty and very hip. Definitely have the Naughty Fries (SGD9)! Cons: Lamentably slow service and pricey (SGD18-25 for the burgers – and they don’t come with sides). Verdict: Visit them and enjoy the food but be very, very patient. Details: 36 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089143 6327 1939 Website

Mee Hoon

This Sunday I hunkered down and made mee hoon. Mee moon or bihun, the name it’s known as in Singapore but I refuse to use, is a traditional Malaysian rice vermicelli composed dish of deliciousness that people traditionally eat for breakfast or cook in large amounts for potlucks. It’s satisfying and will send you into … More Mee Hoon