When you are sick – there is nothing to do except feel sorry for yourself and drink soup.

OR you could feel sorry for yourself, make soup AND a grilled cheese.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
You KNOW what I’m sayin’.

So, Cuddle Parties? They’re a thing. And they’re now in Singapore.

Being sick has meant time at home to rediscover old TV favorites, like New Girl. I don’t have strong opinions about Zooey Deschanel (except her hair is AMAZING) but it might interest you that the carefree/zany/beautiful women that she typically portrays have a name – Manic Pixie Dream Girls.

Next time you want fancy take-out – consider hitting up PS Cafe Petit at Tiong Bahru. The PS Bolognese Pizza is yums. One tip though – get your wine elsewhere.

I watched Philomena last night – you know that Oscar nominated movie that didn’t win anything (apart from American Hustle) – and it was lovely. A very tightly told story which made it effective.

BTW going to bootcamp with friends is a really fun way to hang out. Especially love/dread battle rope!

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