I LOVED this article on how to live well without spending too much. A timely reminder for an already expensive 2014! This write up about the contradictions of what millennials eat and drink cracked me up. I’m also basically guilty of doing/thinking all those things. SO awkward. I love it. Apparently there are 3 different attachment … More READ THIS: VOLUME 5


  If you’re in the Tiong Bahru area please go shop at Foodie Market. They have cheap(er) cheeses, salmon, frozen fruit, meat and THINGS. Just go. Ok so I went to the Foodie Market, where I bought cannellini beans, so I can now make the famazing looking Cilantro Lime White Bean Hummus pictured above. Consolidated … More READ THIS: VOLUME 3


I am like an honorary Filipino (as declared by me). I mean I visited the Phillippines. Once. I ate balut. And liked it. I ate halo-halo and buko pandan. And LOVED it. So when I came across this recipe on The Kitchn – I was all – Hello, Hi there, I think we should meet. So I called upon the … More Bibingka

Cocoa Brownies

This week was a bit of fail week in the DiniBlini kitchen. I tried to make carrot cake and it looked amazing.   It tasted? Not so amazing. Think too cheesy frosting, like BAD cheesy. Then there was this lemon-blackberry cake which was awesome in theory, but exploded and had a faint aftertaste of oil. … More Cocoa Brownies