I’ve been doing some really satisfying reading/watching/skimming and I’ve gotta share!

The Book Thief (the movie) just came out and is supposedly good and usually I’m not averse to watching movies about books BUT it’s a movie based on a book about books – so no I had to read The Book Thief first. It’s a children’s book and it’s riveting – good pacing and a surprising narrator.

2014-02-24 15.53.25
Here it is on my handy dandy Kindle in its awesome Timbuktu case (FYI they don’t sell that case anymore).

This morning I discovered the delightful i am a food blog – the title is too cute – and the photography and inspiring twist on food just makes you want to read and savor every post. I’m itching to make these Earl Grey Tea Latte Pancakes.

The Everygirl is a website targeted at 20 to 30 career woman. It’s laid out beautifully and basically I’m just all over the home tours coz dayamn.

Also a new obsession of mine – Couple Blogs. Can I be painfully chic like Susk and Banoo or amazingly put together like the Rockstar Diaries when I grow up???

Recently I’ve been really wishing that I was creative and crafty. But I’m not… so… DESIGN LOVE FEST is fulfilling that part of me right now 🙂

Also I finally listened to everyone around me and started watching House of Cards. You should too. And then we should start a Robin Wright devotional group together.

Finally something a bit serious, which i know I don’t usually do, I read this article at xoJane (great website for women just generally) and it made me tear up. I think sometimes we don’t realize we really aren’t immortal.

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