Hi friends! Welcome back to work in the New Year! Isn’t it awesome?? NO?!?!

2013-11-24 11.25.46

2013 was a loaded year. A lot happened that was good and bad and because I don’t want to share all the details and also because I don’t like being cryptic, let’s just say I lost loved ones, there were big changes for both my family and me and I generally felt quite kicked around by life.

Still I also achieved almost every single resolution I had set last year (except I didn’t publish two papers nor did I get a tattoo) which included travelling to three new countries (Qatar, the Philippines and Japan) and loved it. I subsequently developed a fear of flying. I KNOW. I started a blog (this one) – had a super flat stomach for the first time in my life and then promptly lost it after starting said blog. OH WELL. I got a new job that I actually really like and I learned how to swim! And then forgot how to swim.

This year, here are my resolutions – or at least what I hope to accomplish in the New Year.

1. Workout 4-5 times a week. 3x a week just isn’t cutting it.
2. Plan max 2/3 outings a week with friends. I’ve gotten sucked into this whole doing a million things because it makes me feel validated and important. IT MUST STOP.
3. Get over my fear of flying. Seriously this is a big one. I realized on my last trip home for the New Year that I don’t imagine a life where I stop travelling. That means I need to approach each trip with less dread and more acceptance.
4. Cook more healthy things for the blog. There were too many desserts last year so more food and lightened up sweets for this new year.
5. Become a better photographer. I have good instincts but I could do with a tutorial or two.
6. Save more than xx dollars. It’s an undisclosed amount but I realized last year that living from paycheck to paycheck was really causing me a lot of stress. This year I plan to save more than I managed to by the end of last year.
7. Minimalize – one in one out practice. If I buy something I need to recycle/donate/trash something. This is good blog to understand what it’s all about.
8. Figure out/implement tutorials at work for writing. Work specific – no point getting into it.
9. Read the newspaper/catch up on news every morning. I work in communications, so information and news is my trade. This will help me know what’s what at work and is useful in social situations.

I don’t know if all of this will get done, in fact The Antidote (Awesome book about how you can’t really control anything in your life) tells me that goal setting and resolution making is just a way of setting myself up for failure. But somehow I can’t seem to shake this particular form of forward and positive thinking.

So I will leave you with that and also if you want to get started on Spring cleaning/CNY cleaning/or just cleaning check out The January Cure at Apartment Therapy that I am attempting. And because cleaning involves getting rid of stuff here is a helpful video for all you clutter bunnies:

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