Grateful for the rain


I would like to preface this post by telling you that yesterday I reached my office with my entire self still wet from the lovely walk I took to and from the bus stop to work – using my very busted umbrella.

BUT STILL – I am grateful for the rain. Coz why not.

I am grateful for Tiong Bahru Bakery – I know it’s expensive and people will say overhyped BUT order their savoyard and a cappuccino and don’t tell me that it isn’t just about perfect.

I am grateful for the workout I did yesterday since I know that it’s the main thing between me and a mental abyss.

I am grateful for Friday lunches with workmates at The Retrospective that bring us together and make me feel okay for the times I’ve been anti-social.

I’m grateful for apt mates who will A. tell you you look good in the morning (ego boost HELLO) and B. search for your lip balm and bring it to you because they know you’re an OCD freak who needs their goddamn lip balm.

Honey Cake2

Finally I am grateful that I have a new baking project – I’m going to try out this Honey Cake recipe from the spot on Food Fashion Party blog.

Wish me luck!

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