Overnight Oats

Happy Monday! Feel like stabbing yourself in the eye? Don’t!

INSTEAD – make Overnight Oats. It’s easy to do, apparently it’s good for your heart/health and it’s especially good for people (me) who don’t want to be late to work because they’re trying to eat breakfast at home.

2013-09-19 08.40.45

1/3 cup oats
2/3 cup milk (almond, soy, etc. works)
1 Tbsp dried cranberries
1 tsp honey
pinch of cinnamon
dash of vanilla extract

Mix oats, milk, dried cranberries, honey, cinnamon and vanilla extract the night before. Put in a container (small plastic Tupperware should work) in the fridge.

The next morning, stir and garnish with walnuts.


Pat yourself on the back for being smart and healthy and winning at life.

*One thing they don’t tell you about overnight oats is that if you put the dried fruit in the night before (you don’t have to) it becomes plump and juicy and quite awesome.

**Another thing they don’t tell you is that it’s consistency is slightly slimy.

Body, Mind and Soul

Recently my stomach has been trying to convince me that I DO IN FACT want to eat refined sugar EVERYDAY and that I’d be perfectly happy with going up a pant size.

This is a lie.

I know this because this overeating phase happens to me from time to time. And I know I must now stop eating crap, make a concerted effort to not eat until I’m just a little too full and to freaking stop thinking dessert is necessary (it’s not). I must also step up my working out to 4 to 6 times a week and not think the bi-weekly half assed cardio routine will cut it.

If I didn’t do this I would be overweight (my main reason for working out – let’s not pretend there’s another MAJOR reason), be completely insane due to the lack of endorphins (my second reason for working out) and have WAY too much free time.

So yeah, I talk about working out and I complain about not pigging out to everyone at opportunity I have. And NO my body isn’t super tight nor is it conventionally skinny. But what I do is still hard (by my standards) and I honestly do pity myself and feel this innate sense of jealousy at all the superhot ladiezzz around. Because of course they have it easier than me. Or DO they?

Recently, there has been this constant reinforcement in the media of the girl who doesn’t have to work at looking good. She can eat ALL that she wants and is naturally skinny. This sucks because it’s A. Mostly untrue and B. Makes you feel like there’s something very, very wrong with you – see below:

Effortlessly Perfect Girl
The Other Girls
For Actresses, Is a Big Appetite Part of the Show
Padma Lakshmi Eating


This is problematic because it creates an unrealistic reality of what women are expected to look like and yet have to show that they don’t try to look like that. So it’s a problem, and really like Gwen Stefani and Gwyneth Paltrow, people should just admit that they’re not eating and work out a lot, right?

As I was getting into a self-righteous tizzy while reading these articles I remembered a while ago a friend called out another for saying that she basically ate everything and was very slim naturally, when in fact she ate very little (also very healthily – to her credit). At that time I remember thinking that it was quite unnecessary to force someone to admit this – because maybe that’s just the way they needed to present themselves.

Personally I know that my body image and my relationship with food has always been a very difficult one. When I get into these bouts of overeating, I can face an internal battle everyday simply when having to choose to drink my morning cup of tea with OR without sugar.

I know that the answer to how we should think, present ourselves and our bodies will never be simple. Maybe its because our relationship with our bodies aren’t. To those women who truly are comfortable with what they look like and their body, and really don’t think about all this stuff that much – I salute them and am envious. To those who think about it way too much and are affected by media, I feel for you because it’s me too.

Maybe more than anything else, especially as a women we just shouldn’t be so hard on women. Especially when it comes to food and our relationship with it and how we choose to portray this part of our life to the world – if at all.

Silly, no? Coming from a feminist with a blog mainly about food?

Channa Masala

This is like my fall back recipe. It’s my – hello I have no more creativity juices when it comes to food but want something spicy and that vaguely reminds me of home. Which is why during my undergrad I would make this every week and just keep it in the fridge. It’s kind of nutritious and tastes fairly good. It’s also cheap and doesn’t spoil easily. Oh yeah – you WANT this.


Channa Masala Dinner

2 cans of chickpeas (500gm) – drained
1 onion – thinly sliced or diced
2 Tbsp ginger garlic paste (paste of 2 parts ginger, 1 part garlic – make at home or buy at Mustafa)
4 Tbsp curry powder (I use Baba’s Meat Curry Powder – any generic curry powder should do)
1 Tbsp chilli powder
1/2 Tbsp jeera powder (ground cumin)
1/4 Tbsp garam masala
1/4 cup tamarind juice
1 tomato – cubed
1 Tbsp ketchup
1 cup water
2 Tbsp oil (I’ve used both sunflower and extra virgin olive and both have been fine)
1 tsp salt

Heat the oil in a medium sized pot over a medium low flame.

Brown the onions. When done add the ginger garlic paste and fry until brown – keep a close watch because it burns easily.

When brown add the curry powder, chilli powder, jeera powder and garam masala (henceforth referred to as masala). Stir vigorously until cooked (oil will ooze out a bit). If necessary add more oil.

Add chickpeas and stir until the masala is even distributed. Add 1 cup water. Cook for 5-10 minutes.

Mash approximately 1/3 of the chickpeas mixture with the back of your spoon (this will act as the gravy).

Add the tamarind juice. Cook until it boils.

Add the diced tomato. Cook until the tomato is cooked (mushy-ish). Add ketchup.

Add salt, stir and you’re done!

Serve with rice or some other carb equivalent. Here I ate it with baked sweet potatoes and a cabbage salad. YUM. Disgustingly healthy stuff.

*This is a DiniBlini TM recipe 🙂

Grateful for the rain


I would like to preface this post by telling you that yesterday I reached my office with my entire self still wet from the lovely walk I took to and from the bus stop to work – using my very busted umbrella.

BUT STILL – I am grateful for the rain. Coz why not.

I am grateful for Tiong Bahru Bakery – I know it’s expensive and people will say overhyped BUT order their savoyard and a cappuccino and don’t tell me that it isn’t just about perfect.

I am grateful for the workout I did yesterday since I know that it’s the main thing between me and a mental abyss.

I am grateful for Friday lunches with workmates at The Retrospective that bring us together and make me feel okay for the times I’ve been anti-social.

I’m grateful for apt mates who will A. tell you you look good in the morning (ego boost HELLO) and B. search for your lip balm and bring it to you because they know you’re an OCD freak who needs their goddamn lip balm.

Honey Cake2

Finally I am grateful that I have a new baking project – I’m going to try out this Honey Cake recipe from the spot on Food Fashion Party blog.

Wish me luck!

Chocolate Banana Oatmeal Smoothie


So this happened. This morning. I was proud. It tasted like chocolate and was kinda chunky (but in a totally good way). Yaay for effort!

1 frozen banana
1 cup of unsweetened soy milk (the white people kind – mine was Waitrose Organic, I got it from Cold Storage, its SGD5.40 for 1L)
1/4 cup cold oats (I made it the night before and put it in the frige – 1 part rolled oat and 2 parts water, stir over low heat until done)
1 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1 Tbsp Marvella (It’s like fake, Turkish Nutella)
2 tsps honey

Put all the ingredients into a food processor. Pulse until done.

Pour into a glass. Put a McDonalds straw that your awesome apt mates thought to save in the cutlery drawer in the glass. Drink while watching The White Queen.


*Don’t forget to clean the mess created by the food processor when the frozen banana attempted to escape.
*Adapted from the inspiring Food Doodles.